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GDPR规范性 – 保护客户数据

Product Updates, Support | March 5, 2018
ManageBac一直致力于数据隐私超过10年,并拥抱新规则。我们将尽我们所能,确保我们的所有客户在2018年5月25日截止日期之前符合GDPR标准。 通用数据保护条例(GDPR) 2016年4月,欧盟批准了一项新的数据保护法规,该法规将于2018年5月25日生效。通用数据保护条例(GDPR)取代了欧盟的数据保护条例(95/46 / EC)和欧盟及其经济区(EU/EEA)当地的法律法规。它包含了一些欧洲数据保护监管方面的最彻底的变化,旨在加强个人隐私权和统一整个欧洲有关数据存储和使用的法律。...

ManageBac – OpenApply Integration Update

Support, Integration | October 18, 2017
We have recently deployed a major update to the synchronization of data between ManageBac and OpenApply. The new integration features: Two-way synchronisation of key demographic fields for students and parents Synchronization of all Enrolled, Withdrawn and Graduated...

Join us at the IB Global Conference in Yokohama!

Announcements, Support | March 28, 2017
We’re looking forward to seeing many of you at the IB Global Conference in Yokohama on March 29 – 31, 2017! Come hear from us on our 2017 road map for ManageBac, including the new interface changes, Single-Sign-On updates, Google Drive integration, and...