Earlier this week, we announced our certification for the Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) framework, which is a global standard for learning technology integrations created by IMS Global.

The new LTI integration has allowed us to offer a richer TurnItIn experience from within ManageBac.

Some of the key improvements include:

  • student access to originality reports
  • allowing upload for multiple drafts of the same assignment
  • accessing the Turnitin user interface and accessing all features, including PeerMark & Grademark
  • direct single-sign-on without the need to separately login

How do we switch to the new integration?
Please see our tutorial on enabling Turnitin integration.

Please note that we recommend doing this as soon as possible. Previous assignments will not be affected by moving to the new integration. The old integration will be phased out from September 1, 2017.

We have never used Turnitin’s integration with ManageBac. How do we get started?
Learn more on our TurnitIn Partner page and browse our tutorial on enabling Turnitin integration. Please note that Turnitin charges an integration fee. We recommend first contacting Turnitin at [email protected] to enable integrations on your account.

Join the Turnitin – ManageBac Webinar!
Turnitin and ManageBac will be hosting a free webinar on April 6, 2017 at 9:00 HK Time (GMT +08:00). Click here to join!