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介绍Google Docs集成

Integration, ManageBac | March 21, 2018
我们很高兴地宣布了ManageBac Google文档和课程的整合,为使用Google 教育应用的教师和学生提供了无缝的用户体验。 只需不到3次点击,您现在就可以将Google Doc模板链接,分配和发布到整个ManageBac课程! 它如何工作以及关键步骤是什么? 教师:文档创建与差异化   1.直接链接或创建GDoc(谷歌文档)到您的总结并形成评估任务 2.将一个或多个Google Doc模板分配给您的学生 – 支持更大的差异化 学生:课程创建,提交和文件集合...

Preview: BridgeU – ManageBac Integration

ManageBac, Integration | October 26, 2017
In May 2017, we announced our integration partnership with BridgeU for smarter university & careers guidance. We’re excited to see many of our schools at the IB Conference in the Hague this weekend and provide a preview of our upcoming integration. ManageBac...

ManageBac – OpenApply Integration Update

Support, Integration | October 18, 2017
We have recently deployed a major update to the synchronization of data between ManageBac and OpenApply. The new integration features: Two-way synchronisation of key demographic fields for students and parents Synchronization of all Enrolled, Withdrawn and Graduated...

Seamlessly Register Students on Pamoja

Announcements, Integration | September 18, 2017
We are pleased to announce that direct student registration of Pamoja courses is now available on ManageBac for all IB Diploma schools. ManageBac schools can register directly for the following Pamoja courses: Business Management HL Business Management SL Economics HL...

Phase 1 iSAMS-ManageBac Integration

Announcements, ManageBac, Integration | September 15, 2017
Phase 1 of the iSAMS-ManageBac integration is now live, providing one-way synchronization of data for students, parents, and staff. For Students: Records are matched between systems using School Code in iSAMS and Student ID in ManageBac, with data in iSAMS directly...