We are pleased to announce that direct student registration of Pamoja courses is now available on ManageBac for all IB Diploma schools.

ManageBac schools can register directly for the following Pamoja courses:

Pamoja currently supports over 750 International Baccalaureate (IB) World Schools across 110 countries in the delivery of their Diploma Programme by supplying IB-approved course content, taught either by Pamoja teachers online, or by the school’s teachers in the classroom. This allows schools to combine technology with existing classroom activities, and to increase the number and diversity of offered courses.

Our partnership aims to reduce administrative burdens for schools and streamline the enrolment process. Our next phase of integration will sync term grades and reporting from Pamoja classes back into ManageBac.

Learn more about enabling our integration with Pamoja here!

Pamoja is a global school, run by a group of progressive digital learning experts leading educational innovation. Their mission is to broaden access to high quality education on a global scale, providing all young people with the opportunity to learn.