We are excited to announce that PYP Next has been deployed in the new version of ManageBac to support the Enhanced PYP! From July 2019, you can begin planning your Units of Inquiry using the new unit planner templates and explore several new exciting feature updates that we have made globally for the PYP and other curriculum programs:

  1. New Planner & Interface Design: We have built a refreshed look & feel in our new user interface including: an At-a-Glance unit summary with cover image, a unit outline menu streamlining navigation and providing a snapshot of overall progress, and an in-line edit mode allowing you to browse the full unit while editing. This release also harmonizes the user interface for all PYP programs with our global update in 2018. Key changes include a Lite Menu option to expand screen width, Quick Add to easily create new units, resources & tasks, and a redesigned Teacher & Parent Dashboard.
  2. Collaborative, Real-Time Planning: We have fulfilled our longstanding feature request by allowing multiple teachers to plan collaboratively in real-time with an online presence (similar to Google Docs). Teachers can see edits from colleagues reflected in real-time without having to refresh the planner together with an “Edit Lock” feature to prevent accidental overwriting.
  3. Assessment & Gradebook: We now have task support for ongoing assessments, monitoring, and flexible assessment models (points, criteria, rubrics & options, teacher comments & more). New split-screen Gradebook provides the ability to annotate & assess side-by-side with Vantage Reader and our Google Docs integration.
  4. Redesigned Stream & Resources: The redesign includes Learning Experiences and a new Plans feature, which allows you to organize lessons and weekly plans.
  5. Curriculum Overview & Analytics: We have introduced the best of Atlas’ powerful curriculum analytics into ManageBac. For the PYP, these new Curriculum Analytics including the Program of Inquiry showing the Units of Inquiry by Grade level and Transdisciplinary Theme, Curriculum Overview showing curriculum & standards coverage, and Analytics for ATL Skills, Key Concepts & more.
  6. ManageBac for Mobile: We are also delighted to announce the fully redesigned ManageBac iOS app, which was released earlier in July and which now supports all user types including students, parents, teachers and coordinators across all curriculum programs with an improved experience on tablet & phone.

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As part of this update, we have introduced a redesigned Unit Planner PDF export. Although we encourage schools to go paperless, especially as we plan for the new Programme Standards & Practices and support all IB World schools for evaluation through our Exam Systems’ teams development of the new IB Concierge, we recognize that having a printable Unit Planner is important.

Beyond feature updates, the Faria Professional Development Team has worked closely with a group of leading PYP educators in Portland to create a full Program of Inquiry with full coverage of Units of Inquiry mapped to local academic standards including the Common Core. These Units of Inquiry will be freely available in ManageBac as a starting reference point for schools preparing for the Enhanced PYP.

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Transition Schedule

In supporting over 800+ PYP schools, we are committed to ensuring a smooth transition. These are some important release dates to keep in mind:

PYP Release Plan 02

Getting Started & Professional Development

For existing ManageBac PYP customers, our Global Support teams will be in touch with you over the coming two weeks to assist with the new academic year setup and transition of your legacy classes & units, assessments, and resources, which will be completed on August 2, 2019. PYP Coordinators also complete our Transition Form to get started today!

From August 2019 onwards, our FariaPD team will begin offering a host of complementary Professional Development and PYP Training workshops, which will be focused on Curriculum Development Process & Change Management, Building Great Portfolios, the Exhibition and Student Voice. Stay tuned on ManageBac Events and join our Facebook to learn more.

Feel free to contact our support team if you have any questions or feedback on this release at [email protected].