A big thank you to Kim Kamin of Trinity High School for hosting an area-wide ManageBac training in Dallas on September 28th! IB Diploma coordinators from 10 Dallas-area schools participated in the day-long training.

The day began with differentiated learning. While some coordinators were new to ManageBac, others had been using the system for five or more years. To share knowledge and empower our learners, we began with each attendee identifying at least one aspect of ManageBac he/she felt comfortable with, and teaching it to a small group.

After the small group work, we reconvened to discuss one of ManageBac’s biggest time-saving features for Diploma coordinators: IBIS exam registration. Since most of our coordinators in Dallas manage large cohorts of Anticipated, Course and Full Diploma candidates, our integration with IBIS helps to significantly streamline the registration process.

Our training also covered how ManageBac handles the Diploma core: CAS, EE, ToK. We rounded out the day by exploring other tools available on ManageBac, such as the calendar, group, and and messaging functions.

Thank you to all of our attendees! We are already looking forward to our next Dallas visit.

Interested in hosting a ManageBac workshop at your school? E-mail [email protected].