IB Americas:
2.18-2.21: St. Petersburg, FL

IB Africa, Europe and the Middle East
2.20-2.21: Paris, France
2.24-2.27: The Netherlands
2.28: Hamburg, Germany
3.3: Berlin, Germany
3.3-3.7: Doha, Qatar
3.9-3.10: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
3.11-3.15: Vienna, Austria for the CEESA Conference
3.12-3.14: London, England
3.17-3.19: Geneva, Switzerland
3.20-3.21: Zurich, Switzerland
3.24-3.27: London, England
3.25-3.26: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
3.27-3.28: Lusaka, Zambia
3.31-4.01: Lilongwe, Malawi

IB Asia Pacific
2.25-3.5: Mumbai, India for ASB Un-Plugged
3.6-3.7: Gurgaon, India
3.10-3.12: Hyderabad, India
3.10-3.25: Singapore for the IBAP Conference
3.14: Colombo, Sri Lanka
3.17-3.18: Dhaka, Bangladesh

In April and May, we are planning visits in Scandinavia and China. We will also be attending the ECIS conference in Seville, the IBICUS workshops in Dubai, and the Nordic Conference in Oslo.

If we’re planning to visit your area, and you’d like to meet with us, let us know and we will try our best to stop by.

Don’t see your area listed? Please feel free to contact us about the next planned visit to your region.