• Import Students in Bulk – To help ManageBac Admins Add and Update students in bulk, hints have been added when hovering over the ? icon to help determine what needs to be added to the CSV template. Links to Supported Nationalities and Supported Languages has also been added.
  • Import Timetable and Class Attendance Settings include Class Location  – Class timetable imports can now include the Location of the class by Rotation Day and Period via Classes > More Options > Import Timetable. This can be viewed and edited in the Class by navigating to the Class > Attendance > Class Attendance Settings
  • Assess tasks by Comments and Points – PYP Tasks added as Points-only can now be assessed by both Points and Comments via the Tasks Gradebook.


Inquiries & Applicants: The system logic for calculating Inquiries & Applicants has been updated so that Inquiries includes only Pending applicants: those who submitted a Registration of Inquiry, Request for Tour, or have an incomplete Application form. Applicants include any Applied students who have submitted a complete Application.