We’ve made several improvements to the system this week:


  • When planning DP and PYP units, a Confirm Navigation message now appears if users navigate away from the page without saving changes. This message has previously existed for MYP units.
  • Student Imports can now update data for existing users. The quickest way to bulk update student information will be to export students via Users > Export Students & Parents, update the spreadsheet, and re-import the CSV via Users > Import Students. Note that e-mail addresses are used to identify users and cannot be bulk updated.


  • In addition to student first name, last name, and ID, you can now search for students based on their preferred name, other name, or e-mail address.
  • Calendar Events created in the IB Parents Association group will now appear in all administrators’ Dashboard Calendar. The event will also be visible to teachers whose classes match the event’s selected programmes and grades. For example, an event shared with MYP and PYP parents will not be visible to DP teachers.

Middle Years Programme:

  • Service & Action is now live and applies to all newly created MYP Groups. Current MYP Groups will still show the S&A tab, but the learning outcomes and activities have not changed to retain historical data. Within a new MYP Group, you can configure hour types via the Group Settings.


  • The hour types are available for students to select when new activities are added.


  • Within the student worksheet, activity hours and S&A completion is tracked in real time.



  • Holidays can now be included as part of attendance rotation days. This option can be enabled via Settings > Attendance > Settings.