Today we released our new Google Drive and GDocs integration. Together with the improvements that deployed last week to Files & Resources sharing, it is now easier to collaborate on ManageBac across tasks, unit planners, and classes.

Students are now able to directly upload files from their Google Drive folders into their Portfolios or for coursework submission.

For teachers, these improvements allow for seamless sharing of files and resources within our curriculum-first class structure. Key highlights include:

  • When creating an assessment task, upload directly from GDrive or choose an existing file & resource from Class > Files or Unit > Resources.
  • Google Drive or Doc files added to ManageBac classes will automatically be retained in the Subject Resources allowing teachers to easily share between multiple classes
  • No need to separately login if your school already uses Google Apps.

Please see the following tutorials for further guidance on GDrive Integration:
Enabling Google Integration (Admins)
Uploading files from Google Drive (teachers)
Uploading files from Google Drive (students)