We have released an update to link ManageBac classes to academic terms. The update is the first of many that we plan to release over the summer, allowing schools to better manage previous years’ class data, more easily generate historical report cards and seamlessly transition from one academic year to the next.

All classes are now required to have a set duration and be linked to academic terms as configured in your ManageBac > Settings > Academic Terms. We are building tools which will then automatically archive classes once their duration is complete. IB Diploma Classes can run for up to 2 academic years, while other Programme classes (MYP, PYP) should be set to a 1-year duration.

Next Steps for school Admins:

1. Configure at least three future Academic Years and Terms for each programme in your ManageBac > Settings (5-10 mins).

2. Link all classes to Terms to align your Gradebook records and to ensure an automatic transition to future academic years (15-30 mins).

If your school has not yet transitioned to the next academic year, please review our updated tutorials for Diploma & Middle Years and Primary Years. If your school has already transitioned classes & year groups for the next academic year there is no need to do this again.

Our Support team is on standby if you need any assistance and can be reached at [email protected]