We’ve made several improvements to the system this week:


  • If only one parent/guardian is tied to a student, that user can no longer be removed. This is intended to prevent orphaned parents from being created.

Student Roster:

  • Tags within the filter options are now alphabetized. In addition, the tags have been placed in a scrolling container to reduce excess vertical space.
  • Tags can now be viewed and re-arranged in the filtered results.


Enrollment Status:

  • New status levels are now available, enabling schools to create additional sub-statuses. For example, the “Declined” status can now indicate whether the decision to decline enrollment was made by the student/family, or by the school. Sub-status levels can be customized via Settings > Admissions > Status.


  • In addition, you can add Responses, which are shown in the Applicant Profile and allow administrators to collect related information tied to the particular status. For example, “Why was the student not admitted?”


  • For long term development, we plan to build analytics that support sub-status data.

Upcoming Changes:

  • Checklist Completion Analytics, showing the number of students who have pending, partially completed, or completed checklist items.
  • Enrollment Summary Analytics, a new-and-improved page that replaces the Enrollment Analytics.
  • Showing the last four digits of the Credit Card number on the PDF Receipt for families.
  • Automatically tagging students based on specific form fields.
  • Exporting application forms to PDF in two formats: online versus paper. The paper version shows all available fields on the form and is printer-friendly.