We’ve made several improvements to the system this week:


  • In the Dashboard > Tours & Interview Calendar, clicking on a scheduled event will no longer re-direct users to the Applicant Profile. The event will appear under the Upcoming Events tab.


Applicant Profile:

  • Welcome e-mails can now be re-sent to family members via the Applicant Profile > Edit Family Information. Family members will receive a welcome e-mail with log-in credentials, even if they have previously logged into OpenApply.


Upcoming Features:

  • Customizable Enrollment Status levels, e.g. Declined by family, versus declined by the school.
  • Checklist Completion Analytics, showing the number of students who have pending, partially completed, or completed checklist items.
  • Enrollment Summary Analytics, a new-and-improved page that replaces the Enrollment Analytics.
  • Viewing students’ tags within the Student Roster’s filtered results.
  • Showing the last four digits of the Credit Card number on the PDF Receipt for families.
  • Automatically tagging students based on specific form fields.