We’ve made several improvements to the system this week:

Student Roster:

  • With checklist items, there is now an ability to search for students who have not completed the selected checklist items.
  • Clicking on Filter Results will now automatically minimize the filter settings.

Applicant Profile:

  • The Re-Enrollment section on the right navigation will no longer be shown in non-enrolled students’ profiles.

Imports & Exports:

  • Student imports are now recorded in the Latest Activity feed.



Upcoming Changes:

  • Improved spacing and formatting of the PDF Export of all forms.
  • PayPal Express Checkout as a new payment integration option.
  • Tags rules to automatically apply to an applicant based on which field value has been selected on a given form.
    • For example, Does your child have any of the following allergies?
    • If “Legumes” has been selected on the form, automatically apply a tag called “Legumes Allergy” for the student.
  • New Applicant Profile user interface.