We recently deployed updates to the Layout and Grouping of the Diploma Programme unit planning wizard to better reflect IB requirements. Please find a brief summary of the key changes, which we encourage you to share with your colleagues:
  • The Inquiry & Purpose tab has been renamed as Summary & Purpose.
  • ATL and Connections tabs have been removed from the Inquiry & Purpose tab and added as separate tabs.
  • Inquiry Questions now includes additional Concept-based type.
  • Assessment, from the old Assignments tab, is now a separate tab.
  • Assignments are now distinguished by HL or SL, and teachers can filter for Assignments in their current class or see Assignments in the unit across all sections.
  • Aims, Objectives & Criteria and Syllabus are now separate tabs, and no longer in Assessment tab.
  • A new Learner Profile tab has been added with IB Learner Characteristics and text fields to speak to each Characteristic selected.
  • The Teaching & Learning tab has been moved above Resources t ab.
  • The Backward Planning has been divided into two new tabs, International Mindedness and Standards.
Please note that the Layout and Grouping changes will not affect your current units. Contact us if you have any questions or feedback!