We’re excited to announce the debut of new admin permission levels on OpenApply today. Administrators can now add colleagues to their account using the following permission levels:

  1. Admin: Can see and edit everything on the account. Most importantly has access to the account Settings tab, which controls user information, general account settings, data import/export, and application form information.
  2. Admit & Enroll: Does not have access to the Settings tab, but has complete access to applicant information and the ability to change applicant statuses, e.g. from Applied to Accepted. 
  3. Notes & Files: Can create and edit notes and files only. Has read-only access to applicant information.
  4. Read-only: Has read-only access to applicant information.

Click Settings > Users to begin. To adjust an existing user’s permission level, click his or her name. To add a new user, click Add New User. In both cases.