Our OpenApply demo account is now open to the public. No logins or passwords are required.

The account will automatically reset after the time indicated in the upper right, so please feel free to add, delete, or edit data. We’ve built it so you can experiment.

1) The first screen you see will be the public applicant view. We custom build this screen for schools based on their existing public admissions site.

2) Log in as an applicant to see the completed application form, applicant status, and tours.Application status - OpenApply

3) Log in as the Admissions Director to see the backend of the admissions system, where application forms are reviewed and discussed, communications are sent out, and decisions on applicants are made. Dashboard

4) Log in as the Finance Director to see how application fee payments are managed. OpenApply integrates with major payment gateways Stripe, Braintree, and Paypal, simplifying the payment process. 


5) Log in as the Technology Director to see import and export features, as well as our Help tutorials.


For more information, sign up for a complimentary personal demo!