The new MYP curriculum in Language B and Humanities will go into effect in September and January for May and November-session schools.

On ManageBac, the new subject guides are effective August 1 for May-session schools. For November-session schools, these changes will be effective from December 1.

Please find below a summary of the changes, which we encourage you to share with your colleagues.

In summary, as a teacher:

  • In both Language B and Humanities, you will need to archive your old classes and create new ones for the 2012-2013 academic year. For Language B, you will want to define the phases taught within your class and the current phases of your students via the Students tab. It is important that you define phases prior to beginning assessment because the criterion descriptors will vary by phase – just as they did with Foundation, Standard, and Advanced levels.
  • Your unit plans have been automatically transitioned to the new curriculum. All historical MYP objectives and criteria are retained for easy reference, so that you can update your unit plans for the new objectives and criteria.
  • Your old assessment tasks and marks remain as-is with the old criteria; however, when using Add Resources to import old assessment tasks into your class, you will need to select the new criteria from scratch. Any prior task-specific rubrics will also have to be adapted to the new assessment criteria.

As a Coordinator:

  • You will want to ensure that your Subject settings are updated and accurate.
  • In particular for Language B, you will need to define the specific phases being taught. The phases, which range from 1 to 6, have replaced the levels Foundation, Standard and Advanced.
  • We have migrated your existing levels in the Settings. For example, if you had a Foundation level class, this is now set to Phase 1, Standard is set to Phase 3 and Advanced is set to Phase 5, but you should adjust these together with your Group 2 and 3 subject heads based on your internal plans.
  • It is important that you work with your teachers to ensure that they have evaluated and set the appropriate phases of your students. This will affect the criterion descriptors your students see and it will affect the descriptors shown on the reports.
  • Lastly, if you plan to adapt the criterion descriptors to make them age-appropriate or specific to your school, you can do this under the Criterion settings. The IB has done this for all five years, so we have updated Years 1 and 3 for Humanities and all six phases for Language B.

This is our first MYP curriculum review change on ManageBac, so if there’s anything you folks think we should work on, please contact us by clicking Submit Support Request.

Our general approach has been to transition over as much of your information as possible, but there are still several key areas (mentioned above) that require your judgment as an MYP Coordinator and as a Group 2 or 3 teacher.