On April 20, we hosted a ManageBac Social at Colegio Franklin Delano Roosevelt, in Lima, Peru.

We provided a full company update to attendees, including an in-depth demonstration of ManageBac for the Diploma programme and our plans for 2015. The demonstration sparked conversation between attendees and the coordinators at Colegio Roosevelt, focused primarily on how Colegio Roosevelt optimizes features within ManageBac to manage their MYP and DP programmes.

Our visit to Peru also allowed us to visit several schools in the area such as Colegio Santa Ursula, St. George’s College and Hiram Bingham School to introduce them to ManageBac’s new Spanish-language interface.

We enjoyed the opportunity to meet with the IB Coordinators and discuss how ManageBac can accommodate their IB needs as well as Peruvian educational reporting.