Curious about how Managebac is handling the transition to MYP Next Chapter? New and experienced ManageBac users are welcome to join us for webinars in May intended for IB MYP Coordinators and technology integration specialists.

Join us to see:

  • Step-by-step unit planning wizards for teachers with built-in IB curriculum information, including Global Contexts, Key & Related Concepts, AtLs, Objectives, Criteria, and more.
  • How previous units seamlessly transition to the Next Chapter. (No data loss, no migration headaches!)
  • In-depth curriculum analytics and whole-school curriculum mapping.
  • PDF export to the officially licensed, up-to-date IB MYP unit planner.
  • Real-time student & parent communication on ManageBac.

The webinars will be interactive with opportunity to provide direct feedback and connect with colleagues from around the globe. Each webinar will follow the same format and cover the same content.

Webinars are offered at the following times:
MAY 6 at 10AM HKT (UTC+8)
MAY 6 at 10AM CEST (UTC+1)
MAY 6 at 10AM EDT (UTC-4)

MAY 13 at 10AM HKT (UTC+8)
MAY 13 at 10AM CEST (UTC+1)
MAY 13 at 10AM EDT (UTC-4)

MAY 20 at 1PM HKT (UTC+8)
MAY 20 at 1PM CEST (UTC+1)
MAY 20 at 1PM EDT (UTC-4)

Find out how these times translate to your local time.

All webinars will be 45-60 minutes in length, and led by ManageBac staff, who will use an exemplar ManageBac account to demonstrate the Next Chapter changes.

Register now for an MYP Next Chapter ManageBac webinar!

Registration for the May 6 session will close on May 2 at midnight PST (GMT-7).
Registration for the other sessions will close on May 9 at midnight PST (GMT-7).