On February 26–27, we hosted our second user group conference in Europe at The International School of The Hague in The Netherlands. We were thrilled to welcome more than 150 participants from 80 schools.
The first conference day began with keynote presentations by The International School of The Hague‘s Deputy Head Simon Brooks and Principal of Secondary David Butcher, who examined how technology combined with effective teaching will enhance the experience of the learner in the modern classroom.
The keynote was followed by a presentation from Robin Hare and Dany Lira on ManageBac usage, policies and procedures at The International School of the Hague. A company update from ManageBac and partner updates from iSAMS and Finalsite followed.
After lunch, participants went into programme-specific breakout sessions, including:
In the late afternoon, ManageBac staff led programme-specific workshops. The day concluded with a hosted dinner at The Hague Marriott.
On the second day of the conference, the keynote address was given by Lance King, founder of The Art of Learning, who led a discussion on ATL and the Learning Revolution.
The morning breakout sessions included:
Following lunch, the afternoon breakout sessions included:
  • Leveraging Khan Academy for a New Learning Design by Dominic Liechti of Khan Lab School
  • Courage, Resilience and Failing Well by Lance King of The Art of Learning
  • Supporting Students Learning by Sharing Between Staff and Parents in the PYP by Andrea Bennett and Carmelo Sanchez of Sotogrande International School
  • Managing Growth and Transition with ManageBac by Mary Worrell of International School of Breda
Participants ended the conference with a Jobs-A-Like and Networking session. 
We had a wonderful time connecting with our schools in Europe! We were available throughout the conference to lend support, answer questions and hear feedback. We are also very grateful to The International School of The Hague for hosting us in their facilities.
Here are some photos from the conference:
For further information, you can:
Participants said:

“Thank you! One of the strongest praises I give teachers/admin is how approachable you guys are online. Glad to see that continues in person!! Well done!”

“I enjoyed the conference and was glad to see a range of schools were using MB and the connection with the partners.”

“Thank you, this was a very valuable experience.”