On April 22, we were delighted to welcome over 40 participants from 13 schools to ISS International School in Singapore.

The afternoon began with food, drinks, and socializing among the participants, followed by a company update & presentation. We were especially excited to announce our partnership with iSAMS. Read more about the partnership here.

Next, Technology Group Leader Michael Taylor and Assistant High School Principal Nicola Zulu shared their story behind adopting and implementing ManageBac. Michael first saw the system in 2010 in Hong Kong, and was impressed by how easily parents could access the system to see real-time information on their children’s academic progress.

At ISS, ManageBac is used for curriculum planning, and the coordinators rely heavily on the curriculum analytics to practice self-reflection. The curriculum analytics on ManageBac allow them to see the whole-school coverage of skills and concepts.

Lastly, ISS uses ManageBac to generate electronic report cards. “Generating reports is now a 30-45 minute process,” said Michael, as he shared examples from the ISS account. “The kid also can’t crumple his report card in the bottom of his backpack to hide it from mom and dad, because ManageBac automatically notifies the parents when report cards are ready to view.”

The event ended with Q&A from participants with the ISS staff, snacks, and networking.

It was great to see so many familiar faces and to welcome some new ones at our Singapore event! Thanks again to ISS for being such excellent hosts.

Michael created an awesome video for the event!

See photos from the event here: