On May 19, we were delighted to welcome over 30 participants from 13 schools to the International School of London, London.

We began the afternoon with food, drinks, and socializing among the participants, followed by a company update and presentation. We were especially excited to present further detail regarding our partnership with iSAMS. Read more about the partnership here.

Next, Sergio Pawel, the Director of the International School of London Group, shared the history of the group, and spoke about the challenges and successes of managing three separate schools (London, Surrey, Doha). Sergio finished by highlighting the innovative ways the group uses technology to collaborate between campuses, which includes consistent use of ManageBac and OpenApply.

Sergio was followed by Ate Hemmes, MYP Coordinator, who spoke about the decision to implement all of ManageBac’s features for the MYP immediately upon his arrival at the International School of London. Ate shared his experiences and advice from leading successful implementations of ManageBac at two separate schools.

Julian Dams, Teacher of Digital Design & MYP ManageBac Coordinator, began working at ISL earlier this year with no prior experience using ManageBac. During his first two weeks on the job he kept a log of teacher questions, which he then researched the answers for. Julian is now a ManageBac Superuser! He shared his ManageBac ‘tips and tricks’ with the audience including:

  • Using the Groups function to support groups of teachers as well as students (e.g. MYP teacher discussion group).
  • Matching assignment category labels and colors to the MYP Design Cycle to increase student recognition.
  • Utilizing the section field for classes to identify mother tongue or self taught classes.

At the end of the event, participants had the opportunity to discuss and compare the implementation of ManageBac at their school with other schools in the area.

It was great to meet everyone! We hope to see you all at the ManageBac User Group Conference at The International School of The Hague on February 26-27, 2016. See further information here.