In Chicago, we welcomed nine participants from five schools on March 12, 2015 at South Shore International for our very first ManageBac Social in the Chicago area!

We started off with a student panel, hearing from five current Diploma students and one Pre-Diploma student. Students explained how ManageBac helps them keep track of their IB classes and activities online.

One student said, “It helps keep me organized. It gives me an outline for my next two weeks and I love the colors! I like it better than our previous program because you can see the growth from the first assignment to the summative assignment.”

Lauren Luchessi and Amanda Freeman, the IB Coordinators at South Shore, then presented on how ManageBac was implemented with their faculty and students. Kristen Yenior, an MYP Art Teacher at South Shore, shared her techniques for using the unit planner, gradebook, and classroom management.

Kristen transitioned to the MYP curriculum just this year with her students and commented, “ManageBac is so organized, everything from unit planning and scoring criterion. I’ve heard the language change among students as well, they’re constantly asking about summative or formative assessments, criteria, and mastery!”

Best practices were then shared by administrators at South Shore that helped teachers, students, and parents get familiar with the IB curriculum and grading process.

The following discussion among teachers, coordinators, and administrators ranged from implementing new technologies and managing demands from parents, the district, and IB.

We appreciated the chance to meet some of the teachers and coordinators in Chicago, and we look forward to our upcoming socials and conferences!

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