Today we are pleased to announce our new integration partnership with iSAMS. Over the past year, we have gotten to know Alastair, Greg and Jamie well, and both our companies share a similar history with a common vision for the future.

iSAMS has become the management information system of choice for the world’s leading independent and international schools with over a decade of product R&D and a hard-earned reputation for excellence in both implementation and service.

Our partnership reflects our joint commitment to work together to reduce duplicative product development and to re-focus our R&D resources on core products. For us, this means returning our focus to ManageBac, OpenApply and Managed Services for the IB (i.e. the e-Coursework and the IB Student Registry systems).

Duplication in the past produced avoidable waste and in looking forward to 2015 and beyond, we want to ensure that our products are developed in a healthy and sustainable way and with sufficient scale.

Our partnership with iSAMS will strengthen both of our R&D capabilities, enhance our geographic support coverage (in Asia for iSAMS and in the EU region for us), and allow us to provide mutual schools with a superior solution that has both breadth of functionality and depth through years of R&D.

Specifically, our partnership will encompass:

  • Single-Sign-On: to allow seamless access to iSAMS, ManageBac, OpenApply and partner integrations via our Launchpad.
  • Data Synchronisation: to keep demographic data in sync across systems and to allow for import of timetables into ManageBac.
  • to provide online admissions for independent schools with local UK hosting and service.

We are looking forward to the summer and to the rollout of our new harmonised interface for ManageBac and OpenApply.

For existing schools using InterSIS, we will personally be in touch with you this week. Many of the base features in InterSIS, including behavior & discipline and transcripts, will return to ManageBac in conjunction with our planned interface harmonisation.

The underlying technologies form the basis of our data sync and identity management functionalities, and provide a way forward for us to develop further integrations and extend our single sign-on launchpad.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions. Our team is excited for 2016!