We first received the suggestion for Diploma Unit Plans in the Spring, and we are happy to release the first version publicly this week.

The DP unit plan functions allow you to:

  • Organize coverage of topics and build your subject course outlines.
  • Review your whole-school curriculum by year and easily browse through planned units.
  • Find opportunities to integrate the DP Core into the classroom by building stronger links to CAS and ToK.
  • Share curriculum resources, assessment tasks and files between subjects.
  • Analyze coverage of the ATL skills and Learner Profile characteristics.

DP unit plans complete ManageBac by providing planning to support the IB Continuum from PYP to MYP to DP.

The new unit planners may be accessed via a new Units tab in a teacher’s class.

As in our planners for the MYP and PYP, teachers are supported through the unit planning process by our linear wizard.

Diploma Unit Planning

Once the units are complete, teachers can easily export to a PDF planner.

We would like to acknowledge and thank Brian McCann, who is the IB Diploma Coordinator at Discovery College in Hong Kong, who first suggested this to us and provided the initial unit plan design. A group of Diploma coordinators also provided important feedback during the development stage:

  • David Andersson (Utahloy International School)
  • Linda Bayes (GEMS World Academy)
  • David Border (Stockholm International School)
  • Nick Cotton (Renaissance College)
  • Nick Daniel (Beijing City International School)
  • Andy Fong (Discovery College)
  • Adrian Gan (Discovery College)
  • Joergen Glittenberg (Western Academy Beijing)
  • Grant Rogers (Renaissance College)
  • Kim Green (Vientiane International School)
  • Jon Halligan (Jumeirah English Speaking School)
  • Kevin House (German European School Singapore)
  • Urs Jungo (International School of Singapore)
  • Alexandra Juniper (International School of Geneva)
  • Stephen Keegan (IBO)
  • Ryan Kingsley (Stockholm International School)
  • Kevin Munro (Stockholm International School)
  • Matthew Parr (Nagoya International School)
  • Rachel Pernet (Danube International School)
  • Jay Priebe (New International School of Thailand)
  • Sanjay Punjabi (The Calorx School)
  • Christopher Thompson (International School of Ulaanbaatar)
  • Matthew Thurstan (Danube International School)
  • Colin Webster (Ruamruddee International School)
  • Adrian von Wrede-Jervis (Bavarian International School e.V.)

We thank them as well, and we look forward to hearing feedback from all our schools following this initial release.