Hope everyone is enjoying the new easy access to the ManageBac blog! We wanted to share three updates we’ve made this week:

1) Gradebook Export Includes All Prior Terms

When teachers are asked to review their grading from prior terms, and compare grades across terms, they previously had to use the Term dropdown. To make this process easier, we’ve adjusted our Export feature so it now includes grades from all previous terms, separated by tab.

To begin, click Assignments and then Export Grades.

Diploma Gradebook Export

The resulting Excel file includes grade data from all previous terms, making it easier for teachers to see progress across the year.

2) Specify the Teachers Listed on Report Cards

Teachers Names on Reports

Under the Class > Overview > Edit Group Settings, you can view the teachers listed for a class by clicking the Teachers tab. While  multiple teachers or administrators may participate in the class, you can now limit which names appear on your report cards.

3)  Date Stamp for Archived Classes

Date Stamp Archived IB Classes

For easier record-keeping going forward, we now indicate when classes were archived.