Period Terminology now customizable: To better serve our global community, we’ve changed our settings from the default ‘Period’ to make the time block terminology customizable by your school. To do so, navigate to Settings > School Settings > Terminology and add your own label under ‘Attendance Lesson Period’.

Attendance Lesson Period

Parent User Interface

Parent UI Language now customizable by admins: Parents have the ability to use ManageBac in English, Spanish, Arabic, French, Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), or Japanese. Administrators can now select the language parents use in three ways:

1. To add in bulk, navigate to Settings > Import > Parents, and use our CSV template to import/update parent information with the new UI Language column.
2. To add individually when you create the parent, navigate to Settings > School Directory > Add User and select the language from the UI Language dropdown menu.
3. To edit an existing parent account, navigate to Settings > School Directory > Parents and select the parent. Then, select the language from the UI Language dropdown menu.

To learn more, please follow our tutorial on the process here.

Parent UI Choices