Diploma Programme:
  • ToK Language for IBIS Registration: Multiple languages are now an option for Theory of Knowledge IBIS Registration via the student Plans worksheet. To allow for a different language to be selected, please select two or more additional languages of instruction via Settings > School Settings > Name, Address & Logo.

TOK Language Selection

User Information:
  • Parent Relationships Added to Accounts: ManageBac now allows schools to specify a parent or guardian’s relationship to their child. To add a relationship, go to Settings > School Directory > Parents and select a parent. Under ‘Family Details’, select their relationship to each child via dropdown menu, and click ‘Save Changes’. Parents can also specify relationships from their own accounts by clicking on their name at the top of the page, unless the school has chosen to lock parent profiles via Settings > Access Permissions & Security. For schools with ManageBac-OpenApply sync enabled, this field will automatically be filled from OpenApply.

Parent Relationships on ManageBac