• Class Roster Exports Updated with Parent Information: Parent First & Last Name as well as E-mail is now included on the student roster export of Classes, Year Groups and Groups.
  • Lock Parent Association: It is now possible to prevent Parents from adding Messages, Files, and Events to the IB Parents Association. To enable, navigate to Settings > Access Permissions & Security > Parents > Lock Parents Association > Save Changes. Admins and Teachers that are members of the IB Parents Association will still be able to post in the Group.
  • [NEW] Nature of Science: The IBDP subject “Nature of Science” has been added to ManageBac along with corresponding curriculum content for unit planning. Enable this subject via Settings > Diploma Program > Subjects.
  • ICCS Form for Group 4 Classes: We now support the ICCS form for Group 4 Science classes. Navigate to the Individual Investigations or Group 4 Projects of the class IAs tab. Click Export All ICCS or export individually. For more information, please click here.


  • Files: Files uploaded by staff to an applicant’s profile are now marked ‘Internal’ by default.
  • Enhanced Student Search: The student search bar has now been enhanced to narrow the search when searching the student’s full name and show student with highest match at the top.
  • Re-enrolment Dashboard: The Re-enrolment dashboard is now sorted to show confirmations and declines in chronological order. For more information, please click here.
  • Enrolment Analytics: The real-time enrolment tracking has been updated to account for seats held (i.e. students Pending Re-enrolment confirmation, and Places Offered), to allow for greater accuracy in calculating remaining seats. For more information, please click here.
  • Manually adding applicants/inquiries: The following fields are now required when adding applicants or inquiries manually: Student First & Last Name, Grade, Enrolment Year, Parent First & Last Name and Parent Email.