• Downloading ToK Forms as a ZIP: Administrators and Teachers can now download individual TK/PPD and TK/PPF forms in bulk.
Middle Years
  • MYP  Unit Planning Wizard: To better align with IB practices, we have updated the Unit Planning process.
    • The “Teaching & Learning” tab is now “Learning Process.” We have also added a “Differentiation” tab to this section.
    • In the “Learning Process” section, Learning Experiences & Teaching Strategies are now merged into one text box.
    • We have added additional guidance from Principles into Practice.
    • “Key Concepts” now includes “Other” as an option for teachers.
    • To provide further guidance, we’ve embedded the IB Evaluating Unit Planners PDF.
  • Attendance Timetable with Location: The Attendance Timetable with Location has been added to the Attendance and Overview Tab within a Class.
  • Export includes Parent Attendance Excusal: The Attendance export available via the Attendance tab now includes Attendance Excusals submitted by Parents.

Spanish Language

  • MYP: Spanish translations for Key Concepts and Global Contexts have been added to the Inquiry and Purpose tab. The Learner Profile on the Options tab is also translated.


Filter Students by Status Level: Admins can now Filter Students in Rosters by Status Level that can be added via Settings > Admissions > Status & Notifications.
Preview Files without Downloading: You can now view files within OpenApply without downloading the files. Our new Preview mode is available when you mouse over the file name and click on the magnifying glass. The file will display in Preview mode. Click anywhere to exit.