• IBIS eCoursework Integration: We are delighted to announce a new drag’n drop integration from the ManageBac portfolio to the IB e-Coursework system. This eliminates the need to download and re-upload files, reducing wait times and improving the user experience for Diploma coordinators, teachers and students. All files from Student Portfolios can be added directly to IBIS, along with recorded Orals for Subject Groups 1 and 2, and any submitted Assignments or Deadlines.
  • ToK Prescribed Titles in Spanish: The TOK Prescribed titles are now available in Spanish for the schools that have Spanish enabled as their Default Language in School Settings.
  • Reports – Exam Grade Percentage: The Exam Grade Percentage Rubric is now enabled on the Class Reports Section of DP Reports. An additional Rubric will appear in Submit Term Grades. This can be included on Reports if enabled via Academic Terms and the Class Reports tab in the DP Reports template.


  • Hyperlinks to Form Payment Instructions: We can now include a hyperlink in the payment instructions for fees tied to forms. Set up your schools payment methods and payment instructions via Settings > Payments.