• CAS Student Roster: Administrators can now scroll through student worksheets without returning to the student roster. Click on the arrows under Student Info to review worksheets in alphabetical order.
  • CAS “Aims & Goals”: The “Aims & Goals” box for the new CAS guide are now optional. Please navigate to Overview > Edit Group Settings to enable or disable.
  • Gradebook navigation in Group 4: A direct link to the class Gradebook has been added to any investigation page in Group 4 classes.
  • Course Levels HL/SL: Now included on a student’s profile.
  • Aims, Objectives & Criteria: These have been updated to the latest versions on Diploma unit planners. To review & update, please navigate to the Assessment tab of your unit planner.


Middle Years:

  • Personal Project Academic Honesty: Students can now add meetings via the Academic Honesty tab.
  • Personal Project Excel Export: Global Contexts have now been added to the Personal Project Excel export. Navigate to the Personal Projects tab of an IB year group and select Export to Excel. 


  • Notes from Parents: Administrators can now choose to be notified on any notes posted by parents. Navigate to Settings > Staff Directory. Select the user and  enable the Send Parent Note Notifications checkbox. The admin user will then be notified by email of notes posted to the Parent Dashboard.
  • Improved Settings navigation: From the Settings page, administrators can now click Menu > Settings to navigate directly back to the Settings Main page.