• Importing non-IB students: Administrators can now bulk import non-IB students. Navigate to Users > Students > Import Students, write ‘Custom’ as the program under column I of the CSV template.
  • Export Homeroom Advisors: Homeroom Advisors can now export Advisory comments across all terms to Excel by navigating to Dashboard > Homeroom > click Export all Advisory Comments to Excel.
  • TurnItIn Similarity index: For schools who integrate with TurnItIn, Students and Teachers can now upload multiple files to the Task/Assignment dropbox and a TurnItIn similarity index will appear for each upload.
  • Export starred CAS Reflections:  CAS Coordinators can now filter which reflections appear on the PDF export. Navigate to a student’s CAS worksheet, click View all Reflections & Evidence > Export Starred Reflections. (Note this is most critical for schools in IB Americas.)
Middle Years
  • Whole-School Curriculum Export: The Excel export of the whole-school curriculum now includes the subject level of each unit. Navigate to Dashboard > Curriculum > Middle Years > click Export to Excel.
  • Analytics > Key Concepts: IBO-recommended Key Concepts are now bolded in the Curriculum > Analytics view. These same Key Concepts are underlined in the unit planners under the Inquiry & Purpose tab.


  • Parents Filter: Administrators can now filter parents similarly to how students are filtered. From the Admin panel, navigate to Students > Parents and filter parents by key applicant information (eg. program and grade, status, gender, customised tags, location, and checklist). From there, you can export parents, activate parent accounts, enable notifications, and re-send welcome e-mails in bulk, as well as see a list of all orphaned parents.
  • Parent Notifications: Schools can now automatically enable email notifications for parents when they create an account. This is done by ticking the Receive Email Notification checkbox in the form editor. If this checkbox is left unchecked, it will appear on the application form for parents to choose whether or not to receive email notifications.
  • Parent Notification Note: The parent notification notes have been revised to the following generic format: “A note has been left for $applicant.” A link to view the note is also included. Parent first names are no longer used.