• IBIS Exam Registrations: We have made new improvements to our IBIS Exams Registration to include a more linear layout! Navigate to an IB Year Group > Plans > click Register via IBIS. Here Administrators are taken through the exams registration process for Diploma 1 and 2 students, from Pending to Scheduled, Processing, Registered or Failed. We can now also send email reminders exclusively to students who have not completed their plans worksheet.
    • 1. Pending shows students that must provide the required personal details and subjects in order to register.
    • 2. Scheduled shows students who are ready for the exam registration and have provided all the required information. Once a student’s plan worksheet has been reviewd to ensure correct subject selection, you can either register individually by clicking Register Now or by selecting Register all Candidates.
    • 3. Processing shows students whose registration is in process.
    • 4. Registered shows students who have registered successfully.
    • 5. Failed shows students who could not be registered and provides an error message so that the students or administrators can revise the plans worksheet and try again.


  • Content & Skills on Diploma unit planners has now been changed to Skills.
  • TOK PPD: We have updated our TOK PPD IA form to reflect the latest standards from the IBO.


  • Daily Digest emails now include the enrolment years of applicants.
  • Filter: Admissions Directors can now filter students according to who has RSVP’d for Open Days. Do this by navigating to Students, tick the Open Day checkbox, then arrange the columns to include RSVP.
  • Settings > Forms > Add Field: We have expanded our ‘File Upload’ fields to support photo attachments in addition to Word or PDF uploads.
  • Dashboard > Upcoming Events: Applicant’s grade levels are now shown on upcoming events.