We’ve made several improvements to ManageBac, OpenApply and InterSIS this week:



  • The Bulk Create Classes import can now assign multiple teachers to one class. To assign several teachers to the same class, list their emails in the same cell and separate by ”|”.
  • Internal notifications now display the full grade range for posted grades.
  • Parents can now be searched by e-mail address.


  • Added syllabus content for the Social and Cultural Anthropology subject.

Upcoming Changes:

  • Group 4 Internal Assessment PSOW for first assessment 2016 (Biology, Chemistry, Physics).
  • Attendance two day rotations.


Applicant Profile:

  • The Enrollment Date is now available for both Admitted and Enrolled applicants.
  • The Files tab now indicates one of the five file upload origins:
    • Notes: file attached as a note by the administrator, or as a message by the parent in the Parent Dashboard.
    • Checklist: file attachment as part of a checklist requirement.
    • Profile: added by the administrator directly via the Files tab.
    • Forms: uploaded by the applicant or administrator via the form. The form field is also displayed.
    • E-mail: file attached from the administrator’s dropbox address.


  • For invoice payments via credit card, the last four digits are now shown on the receipt.

Upcoming Changes:

  • Enrollment Summary Analytics, a page that replaces the Enrollment Analytics and allows viewing enrollment figures on a day-to-day basis.
  • Editing fields in bulk on the Student Roster.
  • Granular permission levels.
  • Bulk export student photos.