We’ve made several improvements to ManageBac and OpenApply this week:



  • For Unit plans, the Visual Arts subject has updated course aims, objectives & criteria and syllabus.
  • More than one work can now be selected in the Language & Literature Individual Oral Commentary, which is then shown on the internal assessment record form.
  • Within the Extended Essay, students can now be filtered by progress indicators and essay subjects.
  • Within the Theory of Knowledge, students can now be filtered by progress indicators.

Upcoming Changes:

  • Group 4 Internal Assessment PSOW for first assessment 2016 (Biology, Chemistry, Physics).
  • Attendance two day rotations.
  • Internal Notifications displaying the full grade range for posted grades.



  • Upcoming Tours now shows the programme that the family has scheduled a tour for.
  • Administrators can now subscribe to the Tours & Interview Calendar, which will sync the events one-way to Google Calendar or iCal.


Student Roster:

  • Students can now be filtered based on the application form they are tied to.
  • Saving filters is now inclusive of ascending/descending column sorting.

Import & Export:

  • The Applied, Admitted, Wait-listed, Declined, Graduated, Withdrawn and Enrolled Dates can now be exported. The fields can be found within Settings > Import & Export > Extra Fields.
  • Within Settings > General, administrators can now specify whether the PDF Exports can be printer-friendly via Paper Application, or view-friendly via Online Application. The Online Application option is selected by default, which only exports fields that have been answered by applicants. The Paper Application is intended to print out a blank form in its entirety, which can then be filled out by applicants by hand.


  • Tag Rules can now be added via Settings > Forms > Tags. Administrators can create rules tied to certain form fields. If an applicant or administrator meets the conditions of the rule, then the tag will automatically be applied to the student. The tag is available to view within both the Applicant Profile and the Student Roster.


  • To prevent data loss, deleting any Tag Rules will not remove any tags that were applied under those rules.
  • To prevent adding tags unnecessarily, adding Tag Rules will not apply tags to students who fit the conditions.


  • Checklist Completion Analytics are now available. Schools can now view the number of completed, partial (in progress), and pending checklist items, separated by programmes.


  • An updated version of Checklist Completion Analytics will allow users to click on the chart, which populates the list of students in the roster. Administrators can then send checklist reminders to selected students.

Upcoming Changes:

  • Enrollment Summary Analytics, a page that replaces the Enrollment Analytics and allows viewing enrollment figures on a day-to-day basis.
  • Showing the last four digits of the Credit Card number on the PDF Receipt for families.
  • Editing fields in bulk on the Student Roster.
  • Granular permission levels.