We’ve made several improvements to the system this month:


  • In Settings > General, administrators can now toggle the ability for teachers to create new classes.


  • The Student filters interface has changed. Selecting None will show students who are not assigned to any IB Group.


  • Attendance is now mapped by academic years. Attendance settings can now be customized year-by-year, while historical attendance data is retained.


Diploma Programme:

  • Diploma Unit Plans: Syllabus content has been updated and supports both the 2015 and 2016 syllabus for Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Business & Management.


Middle Years Programme:

  • The Design subjects have been updated. Design Technology is now Product Design, Computer Technology is now Digital Design, and Technology is now Design.
  • Personal Projects assessment criteria has been updated to the MYP Next Chapter criteria.


Primary Years:

  • A new Pre-K2 grade level is now available. The grade level can be enabled via Settings > Primary Years > Years.
  • The Dashboard Full Calendar can now filter for PYP grade levels.