We’ve made several improvements to the system this week:


  • School exam sessions can no longer be changed within your General Settings. Please contact [email protected] if you need to change your exam session to May or November.
  • Timestamps are now available within class settings.

Middle Years:

  • Personal Projects criteria have been updated.
  • Approaches to Learning (ATLs) have been updated in all subject term gradebooks. Within the term gradebook, select the ATLs to evaluate for each student on the right hand navigation.


Primary Years:

  • Units of Inquiry will be omitted automatically from the report card if criteria, learning outcomes, and comments have not been added. Learning outcomes that are not assessed will be omitted automatically from the unit.
  • Related Concepts are now included in the Unit of Inquiry PDF export.

Upcoming Changes:

  • ManageBac Transcripts features will no longer be available beginning Friday, October 10. The module is going to be re-built and offered in InterSIS.
  • Updating the Group 4 Sciences internal assessment criteria. Estimated time of completion: Friday, October 10.
  • IBIS exam registration user experience improvements.