Apologies for the downtime yesterday. We had a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) beginning at 9:08 am PST the morning of March 3rd.

The first incident caused intermittent downtime and took down a switch at the iWeb data center, which then blocked network traffic to our firewall and servers. Normally, we can block a simple DDoS by automatically banning the IP address at our firewall, but the magnitude of this DDoS attack (2+ Gbps) caused the network switch to fail.

Our team was in communication with iWeb’s Level 2 System Admin throughout this period and with their help, we were finally able to null route the DDoS traffic and rotate our server IP to get all systems back up at 1:26 pm PST (~4 hours and 18 min later).

There was no data loss for any of our users, and we are preparing to implement a DNS level DDoS mitigation tool this weekend, which we expect to supplement our existing firewall in helping us to more effectively defend against larger DDoS attacks.

We will be doing a 2-hour maintenance this weekend beginning at 6 am GMT on Saturday, March 7th. Uptime and security are critically important to us and we will make sure to keep you updated as we take additional steps. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

If the ‘ManageBac Maintenance’ screen is still showing in your account, please ask your IT department to flush the DNS cache and contact [email protected] if the issue persists.