Security and system uptime are two important pillars of quality of service, and we deeply regret the inconvenience caused by the downtime over the past two weeks with the iWeb data center’s power failure on March 6th and the denial of service (DDoS) incidents earlier that week.

To provide a DevOps update, we have made a number of important changes to our system infrastructure:

  • During W2 March, we implemented Cloudflare Enterprise across ManageBac, OpenApply, InterSIS and our internal systems. We are happy to report that this has successfully mitigated several new DDoS attacks without any disruption to service levels.
  • CDN: after additional testing and configuration we have implemented new geographic DNS routing and CDN services, so based on your location and country, you will now experience faster speeds when accessing ManageBac and OpenApply.

We will continue to provide additional updates on upcoming planned changes to our infrastructure including our move to Amazon Web Services S3 storage and replication of our environment in a second redundant iWeb data center, which will allow us to keep a warm standby ready in case of any future data center issues.