Today we deployed the refreshed Attendance manager with support for lesson-based attendance in classes. This update also included several key usability and interface updates.

Class Lessons: You can now configure lesson periods by programme for the DP, MYP and PYP via your Settings > Attendance.

Daily, Weekly and Monthly Views: Allow for easy administration and provide at-a-glance summaries for both Homerooms and Classes.

2 Manager

Category Filters: Allow one-click filtering to see all Absences on a particular day across an entire grade or programme.

3 Filter

Improved Student Search & Editing: You can more easily search for individual students and bulk edit attendance for an individual student, class or homeroom.

5 Search

Excel Exports for Daily, Weekly and Monthly Cumulative Attendance.

Next Steps and Required Configuration

As an Administrator, you will want to update your Settings > Attendance to ensure that the number of periods are set correctly for each programme.

Admin Configuration

As a Teacher, you will want to update your Edit Class Settings to ensure that your class’ lesson periods are set correctly. You can use the dropdown menus to adjust your lesson periods. All of your historical attendance records will carry over.

Teacher Configuration

If you have a multi-period class (e.g. with double or triple class lesson periods), then you can click the button to add a lesson period. In this case, if you have previously entered in attendance, it will be copied over to the two or more lesson periods.