We’re pleased to announce a new update to the Attendance features on ManageBac.

Attendance settings are now unique by Programme and term. Highlights of the change include:

1. Programme-specific Settings

Attendance settings may now be customized by programme. For example, the IB Diploma Programme can use weekday attendance, while the Middle Years Programme uses a rotation cycle. In Primary, schools have the option of taking only Homeroom attendance, at the same time that the Secondary School is taking both Homeroom and Class attendance.

This also means each programme may have its own holiday calendar.

2. Programme-Specific Attendance Reminders

Never again will the Diploma teachers receive attendance reminders that were targeted for the Primary school!

3. Adjusted Rotation Cycle Start

For schools running a rotation cycle, you can adjust the first rotation day number of the term by clicking on the first date in the holiday calendar. (e.g. if you run a 5-day rotation, but your first day of school starts on Day 3 of the rotation.)

We Recommend…

If your school is currently using our Attendance features, we strongly recommend that you navigate to Settings > Attendance > Programme-Level to double-check the Attendance configuration for each programme and academic term. Your prior Attendance settings have been copied over across all programme-level settings, but it’s best to double-check that the dates are consistent with your upcoming academic term dates.

Please note the new features do not affect teachers taking class & homeroom attendance. The interface and functions remain the same for them.

We hope you enjoy the new flexibility in attendance settings! For further reference, check out our tutorials and QuickStart Guide.