Today we have begun rollout of the LaunchPad Single-Sign-On with integration to the IB Student Registry, which allows DP, MYP and CP students to link their ManageBac accounts and move seamlessly between the two services. This rollout will be complete and available for all ManageBac schools in W3 March.

Release notes:

1. E-mail Validation

As a new or existing ManageBac user, students, parents and staff will be prompted to validate their e-mails. This means that e-mail addresses used for students must be valid (i.e. if you have preset student passwords, students will need to confirm their e-mail as a second mandatory step). Students who have not validated their e-mails will not be able to access the LaunchPad.

2. Authentication

Once validated, your accounts will be linked based on your e-mail address. This means that if you are a ManageBac Administrator and a ManageBac parent, you will be able to easily switch roles within a top navigation bar. In other words, you will not have to sign in and out each time.

Similarly, for any school groups, you will be able to access multiple school accounts from one single Administrator account via your LaunchPad.



3. Security & Data Protection

This has been a major compliance topic affecting schools in the EU. In January 2016, following the EU-Safe Harbour rules being invalid, Faria has signed a separate EU Data Protection Agreement with the IB.

In addition, we have provided these agreements with individual schools as an additional assurance. We can also share our security policy and penetration test reports with schools on request. To learn more, please visit: and contact [email protected] for our security reports & further questions.

4. Two-Factor Authentication

This will be a recommended Login option for Administrators beginning in April 2016. This will require SMS validation when signing in from a new location / new IP address. This provides ManageBac & OpenApply Administrators with an additional layer of security and peace of mind.

5. Design & Branding

Many schools have requested the ability to customise their Login page designs, so in April we will be introducing this option as part of the LaunchPad Administration Panel. We have a set of seasonal designs based on Four Seasons, which schools can use in place of their own design.