Today we are happy to announce the addition of Behavior & Discipline to ManageBac student profiles.

By default, the functions are OFF on your account, but an administrator can enable them under Settings > Behavior & Discipline.

While under Settings, you can customize the types of incidents and actions taken. Make sure to Save Changes.

Once enabled, a “Behavior” tab will be visible on each student profile. This is accessible only to account administrators and the student’s homeroom teacher. Parents have read-only access to appropriate incidents via the ManageBac portal.

When adding an incident, the account administrator or homeroom teacher can indicate if it should be e-mailed / be visible to the parents. By default, the homeroom teacher is always notified.

Lastly, administrators may export all behavior information via Settings > School Directory > three dots > Export Behavior Incidents.

For further information and detailed screenshots, please see our tutorials here.

Behavior & Discipline will be free of charge on ManageBac from now until December 31, 2016. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any feedback or requests.