As CAS Manager has evolved into ManageBac, our focus has shifted towards addressing three core problems that have been at the top of IB Coordinators’ minds:

  1. Reducing postage costs by submitting EEs, ToKs & World Lits online (vs. having to mail them as hard-copies)
  2. Submitting exam registration details in bulk to IBIS via the Plan worksheet (vs. having to manually register students individually & collect hand-written paper forms)
  3. Allowing online Moderator access to the IA records (vs. having to store & mail them as CDs, Labs, PSOWs)

As a prerequisite, the key IA forms from the Handbook of Procedures have been fully integrated, but this is the critical next step, and these are our three top priorities for 2010.

We need your help to make this a reality. Please help us by completing this 5-minute online survey:

The survey results will be shared with the IBO, and released publicly after being aggregated.