date range 25 May 2024,Saturday Afternoon

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Education 4.0: Innovation and Transformation Empowered by Technology






Keynote Sessions


Workshop Sessions

In the era of Education 4.0, technology has become a powerful driving force, gathering momentum to transform and reshape the educational landscape. Join us for a half-day professional development and community event on 25th May at Keystone Academy to learn from leading educators and Edutech experts, share best practices, and learn proven strategies to help your school and community.

The theme of this event is Education 4.0: Innovation and Transformation Empowered by Technology. We will explore and reflect on the transformative and innovative approaches that redefine education and school function.

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1st Half (1:00pm – 3:30pm)

  • Keynote Session

2nd Half (3:30pm – 5:15pm)

  • Parallel Workshops

Keynote Session

4. Cooperation
Daryl visa headshot
Daryl Orts

Faria Education Group CTPO

Use of AI in Education and Building Toward a Unified FariaOne Suite
  • Introduction to AI integration in education.
  • Benefits and challenges of AI in education.
  • Exploring FariaOne Suite’s potential with AI.
  • FariaOne’s roadmap of deeper integration.
  • Interactive Q&A
Curriculum Analyzing
shirley su 1
Shirley Su

Head of School
Springboard International Bilingual School

Crossing Boundaries: Top-Level Strategies and Localised Integration of International Curricula
  • 2030 OECD, IB and Cambridge International’s vision of education (looking beyond the curriculum)
  • Concepts and theoretical cornerstones of the top-level design of international curriculum (looking at the curriculum from a curriculum standpoint)
  • Featured case sharing (Evaluating the curriculum from a perspective of two cities)
7. Technology
Viktor Datsiuk

IT Director
Shanghai Singapore International School

Change challenges and champions: The true story of uplifting our community with Faria solutions

Roll up! Roll up! and roll out: Creating an eager, tech-empowered community in your school
How to:

  • Get buy in and positive traction
  • Discover needs
  • Align needs with the right solutions
  • Plan a humane, user-centric solution roll out
  • Train, support and nurture users
  • Find and elevate champions
  • Nurture continual improvement culture


July 17, 2024

8:30am - 3:30pm

learning goals

Holistic Education

How AI-powered tools and platforms can enhance curriculum delivery, assessment practices, and student engagement.

Practices to conduct SEL in international school.

July 18, 2024

8:30am - 3:30pm

7. Enduring Understandings

Marketing and Admissions Strategies in the Context of Social Changes

We will discuss innovative marketing and admissions strategies to attract and maintain a broader and more diverse student body. In addition, the presentation will provide practical cases to show how some educational institutions have successfully adapted to these changes and achieved sustainable development.

July 19, 2024

8:30am - 12:30pm

1. Blooms

From Request to Reality: Articulating Data Workflows?

  • 📊Data Management Scenarios: Participants will tackle real-world data management scenarios, offering practical experience in addressing data challenges.
  • 🎭Interactive Persona Approach: Participants will engage with provided personas, representing different perspectives in the discussion and problem-solving process.
  • 🗣️Problem-Solving Discussions: Encourages collaborative discussions on how to solve data management problems effectively.
  • 📈Integration with Dashboards: Scenarios involve creating data management solutions that incorporate dashboards, providing a comprehensive understanding of data visualization and reporting.
  • 🏗️Hands-On Experience: Provides an immersive experience for participants to apply theoretical knowledge in a practical context.

Why Attend

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Explore key trends in education technology and teaching & learning.
2. Curriculum Development
Engage in developing streamlined practices to address the challenges faced by schools.
Communicate face-to-face with FariaOne experts and industry leaders.
1. Collaborative Conversations
Empower yourself to continually implement ManageBac, OpenApply, and SchoolsBuddy with best practices and strategies.
13. People Workshops
Expand connections with our growing FariaOne community and get inspired.

For Who?

2. Performance Assessment
School Leaders
Exhibition Project Based Learning
Academic Department
38. Score Leader
Marketing, Admissions and Communication Department
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IT and Technology Innovation Department

Meet the Team

Headshot SerenaMa

Serena Ma

Faria Education Group China VP

Headshot Elliott li

Elliott Li

Solution Consultant


Xuqi Wu

Customer Support Manager

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Judith Pan

Customer Support Specialist

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Jane Wu

Community Coordinator

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