Certificate Programme

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Grow your skills and marketability

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Get recognised. The ManageBac Certificate Programme provides professional development opportunities for experienced ManageBac users by enabling them to become thought leaders in their field.

Upcoming ManageBac Certificate Courses

The 2019 Schedule is Coming Soon! Read here for info on our most recent course.

What is the ManageBac Certificate Programme?

The certificate programme aims to provide a series of training courses empowering educators on how to make the most of ManageBac. The courses are programme-specific, targeted at IB Diploma, Middle Years and Primary Years administrators. Participants who complete one course will be certified as ManageBac Educators.

Who should join?

Programme Coordinators or Technology Coordinators. Note that participants should be administrators on your ManageBac account.

Why should you join?

Attendees will receive in-depth training on ManageBac, including:

Attendees will receive in-depth training on ManageBac, including:
ManageBac Educator certification checkmark
Instructions on configuring ManageBac account setupcheckmark
Best practices for managing classes checkmark
Workshops on building & changing report templates checkmark
First look at and training on all new and upcoming releases in ManageBac checkmark
Networking opportunities with coordinators at other ManageBac schools checkmark

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