ManageBac for your School District

Proudly supporting over 400 school districts in America

We have been delighted to support several district-wide implementations of ManageBac with the District of Columbia Public Schools, Atlanta Public Schools, Prince George’s County Public Schools, East Irondequoit Public Schools, and Minneapolis Public Schools.

For school districts, we offer several additional services:

  • Annual complimentary on-site training for staff
  • Implementation planning with your IB or Magnet program office
  • Special prioritization of features and integration planning & analysis
  • Building in District-level or State standards into your curriculum planners
  • Best pricing and consolidated invoicing
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ManageBac supports the full IB continuum (DP, MYP, PYP) and allows you to:

  • Support IB coordinators & teachers with built-in reference to the IB subject guides and handbooks.
  • Collaboratively build and share DP, MYP, and PYP unit plans.
  • Integrate Common Core standards directly into IB unit planners.
  • Generate stunning PDF report cards.
  • Showcase your IB curriculum to the school community.
  • Track the progress of IB curriculum implementation at each school in real-time.

“ManageBac is so organised – everything from unit planning and scoring criterion. I’ve heard the language change among students as well, they’re constantly asking about summative or formative assessments, criteria, and mastery!”

Kristen Yenior

Fine and Performing Arts Teacher